UCR RoboSub

Robosub by the pool

The Project

We are the University of California, Riverside's competitive autonomous underwater vehicle project, competing internationally in RoboNation's RoboSub Competition.

Each year we construct a submarine capable of completing a number of aquatic objectives entirely on its own. The sheer volume of design and construction needed requires a large interdisciplinary team working collaboratively to share expertise and comunication throughout the process.

Sponsored by UCR's IEEE and ASME chapters, the project exposes all students to utilizing their coursework skills, working with others outside their major, and granting experience with a large-scale project with real-world applications. For the 2018-2019 academic year, UCR RoboSub has ~30 active members, across almost every engineering major.

The Competition

The RoboSub competition is an annual week-long marathon at the US Navy's TRANSDEC Terminal in San Diego, California. Submarines traverse a randomized objective course, with challenges revolving around core aspects of naval robotics such as course navigation, obstacle identification, and object manipulation. Tasks change slightly by the year's theme, and generally involve navigating a series of paths, identifying and reacting to patterned buoys, pushing on extruded plates, dropping objects, firing torpedoes at targets, and locating acoustic pingers. All without human intervention.

Team Photo 2018 at Competition
Robosub by the pool

The Seadragon

Our latest submarine, the Seadragon, is the result of a thousand hours of design, development, construction, and testing. From notebook sketches to static judging, we built this robot from the ground up and continue to improve upon it. The Seadragon features pressure sensing, leak sensing, a pan-tilt camera, and a body that has withstood 50+ water tests without failure.

CAD view of the submarine


The Mechanical team creates the physical structure of the submarine, working with top-down design patterns to create the submarine from conception to completion. Subgroups for components give leadership and small-group experience for members. We use Solidworks to create our models and manufacturing drawings.

View of the submarine's electronics


The Electrical team creates and organizes the electrical subsystems and sensors within the submarine, designing circuitry, creating PCBs, and networking components. We use Altium Designer to create our PCB diagrams.

Rogelio at the whiteboard


The Software team gives the submarine life, creating the artificial intelligence, computer vision, and software interface modules that allow the robot to see, sense, and move. We use Robot Operating System (ROS), Python, and C/C++ for our controls.

Our dear business lead at the whiteboard

Business & Administration

The Business & Administration team manages the project from a high level: contacting companies for sponsorships, maintaining social media accounts, managing project organization and structure, and assisting the other teams with outreach and contact.

Interested in being a sponsor? Check out our Sponsorship Proposal

Meeting Times (Fall 2019)

All meetings are in the Solarium (Chung 221)

Mechanical Team: Monday, Wednesday 5-6pm

Electrical Team: Monday 2-5pm; Friday 11am-2pm

Software Team: Tuesday 4-7pm; Saturday 10am-2pm

General: Friday 3-4pm

Water Tests: Saturday 1pm+

Can't make meetings? Email robosub@ieeeucr.org

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